About Us

COATS integrated staffing software provides an all-in-one solution for staffing companies.

Why Choose COATS

COATS is a resource and partner for staffing firms. We understand the unique challenges of the industry and the volume of information you must store, manage and access. Since 1995, we have been improving our software to enable our partners to operate more efficiently and cost effectively. Our integrated staffing software provides an all-in-one system to manage all backend and frontend details, so you can focus on what you do best – work directly with your clients, candidates and employees.

COATS Staffing Software stands out among staffing software companies because our system also includes a fully integrated CRM, Payroll, and complete accounting functionality. It has multi-state, multi-branch, and multi-locality capabilities throughout the entire system. Available options include online applicant entry, resume parsing, and online job posting, making us one of the most comprehensive staffing and recruitment software systems in the industry. This comprehensive set of tools enables staffing companies to manage employee and client information through a cloud-based application that can be accessed by authorized recruiters, clients or employees from wherever they choose to work.

We provide staffing and recruitment software for industrial, clerical, technical, professional, medical, financial, legal, hospitality and other industry specialties since 1995. COATS works seamlessly with other software programs, including MS Outlook, Word, Excel, and Crystal Reports. We provides a wide range of additional services to our clients, including installation, training, upgrades and advanced tech support, all designed to make COATS an even more user-friendly and client-centered staffing software solution.

Our list of happy staffing customers continues to grow with 3,500+ Software Installations to date!