A/R & Billing

Why use a generic system when billing software for staffing companies provides everything you need to streamline A/R with none of the fluff?

Accounts Receivable Systems

In every software product, there will be some tools and applications that won’t be used. With your employee and client data already input on the front end, all clients benefit from using the back office as well. Why not use the back office to complete payroll and billing? Avoid using a third party to process your payroll; it’s an additional and costly step.

Accounts Receivable Software For Staffing Companies

Ensure your staffing firm utilizes some form of electronic payment and e-mail rather than printing and mailing invoices to avoid unnecessary operational tasks. Online payment and billing solutions with COATS Staffing Software allows your firm to accept payments and invoice clients either by mail or online. Instantly send invoices and see real-time payments as client remittances hit your bank account. Reduce paperwork, manual labor, and time spent on administrative tasks.