COATS Applicant Tracking Software (ATM) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software helps staffing agencies keep track of all candidate and client information without the need for separate ATS/CRM software.

Manage All Details In A Single System

Our fully integrated CRM software and Applicant Tracking System gives staffing agencies immediate insight into what jobs are open, what recruiters are working on those jobs, and which candidates are available for new assignments.

Consolidate Job Order Management

With COATS custom job management software, job order information is entered once and is immediately available to any authorized department or individual in your company. Your staffing company has access to updated, relevant client and employee data in a centralized system – no redundancies of gaps.


There’s A Better Way to Manage Job Orders

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Control Client Information

COATS CRM software enables you to track client or prospect history from the initial contact all the way through invoicing. All data is easily accessible by every member of your team and can be updated by anyone with access. If a client’s contact information changes, everyone will have immediate access to the updated information. Because the data isn’t stuck in a single laptop or file folder, you can readily track all information and generate custom reports.


Make It Easier To Track Client Information

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Keep Employee Data At Your Fingertips

Easily manage employee and candidate information with this all-in-one solution. Access education, job history, resume and skills to match candidates to job openings or view administrative data such as payroll history, previous assignments, special tax considerations, work authorization clearances, schedule, or availability.


Give access to candidates, allowing them to enter their own information, such as contact information and work history into the system for your recruiters to access to find the most qualified candidates. Their information is retained in the system. Once they are hired, you can track their performance, assignments, schedules, and more.


Keep Candidate Information Just One Click Away

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