COATS payroll management system software is cost-effective, provides useful reporting and insights, boosts security, and enables your business to scale and adapt more easily.

Payroll Software Systems For Staffing Companies

COATS Staffing Software manages your payroll end-to-end including everything from generating employee pay statements and preparing tax forms to promoting employee self-service. This automated payroll process not only reduces the chance of errors and maintains proper tax compliance, but it also saves you and your team a lot of time.

Payroll Software Solutions For The Staffing Industry

With COATS Staffing Software, It’s plain to see why using a payroll management system designed specifically for staffing agencies is such a smart decision. No matter the size or scope of your needs, COATS Staffing Software can provide you with flexible payroll systems. We serve industries like the technical, medical, clerical, industrial, professional, and financial fields, among many others, and we’ve been helping organizations by supplying staffing software solutions for more than 25 years.

For your accounting department, our full-featured, customizable general ledger is a valuable resource for creating and generating financial reports without needing additional database software. Once the templates are customized to your specifications, the data is automatically populated, again reducing the potential for errors. Not all staffing software firms offer a general ledger or even a back-office capability, in one system. Allow your office to benefit from the ability to operate within one interface that is comprehensive and secure.

You Can Put The Calculator Away

COATS Staffing Software generates all the necessary payroll calculations: overtime, vacation, holiday, non-tax, other pay, direct hire billing, garnishments and tips. Then it generates all billing from the same data. COATS’ integration means payroll information is automatically compiled in accounts payable for related liabilities and accounts receivables for client billing. Automated time and attendance and pay cards can save you a fortune and free you to focus on other tasks. Smooth, seamless, powerful, efficient. Ever imagine you’d think of payroll in those terms?

COATS Payroll Software Solutions Are Easily Scalable

Staffing agencies need to account for large quantities of employees. They are often paid multiple different wage amounts, billed at various rates, have several payroll deductions for various items, have custom invoice requirements from each client. All this in an industry with a high turnover rate. This is in addition to tracking multiple types of client schedules with various hours, overtime, attendance, vacation time, paid versus non-paid holidays, other pay, direct hire billing, and any court-ordered garnishments. If your temporary employees also receive tips or bonuses, this is tracked based on job assignments by client. This could be a logistical nightmare. Not with COATS payroll functions programmed into our front and back-office software, specifically created for staffing companies.

Streamline Your Payroll Process

Once a new hire is entered into our fully integrated staffing agency software, that information automatically syncs across all departments. All information about new hires and the clients they serve is added on the front end and only needs to be added once, only updating if needed. Our payroll software automatically compiles payroll information for accounts payable and client billing information for Accounts Receivable, so nothing gets lost in the shuffle. How’s that for smooth and efficient?