Employment Online Application

Online employment application software increases the accuracy and efficiency of the recruiting and hiring process. With the right technology, you can rest easy you’ll find the best talent for your clients’ needs.

Online Job Application Software

Employment Application software has literally changed the way staffing firms handle applicants, and when done properly, it’s changed things for the better. Employment Online Applications provide a tremendous amount of flexibility to both job applicants and staffing firms. Applicants can apply for any role for your staffing firm either from the comfort of their own phone, from an internet accessible computer in your office or from any internet enabled device.

No Data Entry Required

Saving your admin or recruiter the time required to input each employment application into your ATS is worth its weight in gold. Applicants can apply for any of your jobs from their own phone or computer, a kiosk in your office or any internet enabled device. Your recruiters can access to review each application prior to accepting and downloading, based on your qualifications and those of your clients. After downloading the application into a COATS Employee Master record and their resume into resume parsing, your recruiter is ready to interview candidates. Laptops or kiosk computers can be used from your office or at job fairs.

Follow-Up With The Applicant Report

Staffers can pull an online applicant report by date range to review when and if the applicants were contacted to come to the office for an interview. Following up with people who apply online is critical to ensuring your job orders are filled. Our technology tracks employees from when they apply, through their assignments and beyond.

Interfacing With Software For Employment Applications

The online application is only one step in the entire recruitment process. COATS Staffing Software is your all-in-one resource from beginning to end to effectively streamline the entire process. From online employment applications to electronic onboarding, our remote hiring services go the extra mile for staffing companies. 

Coats Staffing Software being displayed on a laptop computer