Staffing Software Customization

Custom staffing software designed with the challenges of the staffing industry in mind.

Customizable Staffing Software Solutions

Listening to our customers is one of the most effective ways to improve our products and services. We can better understand your business demands in the staffing market thanks to your comments. Customer feedback is essential since it allows us to provide solutions that actually solve your business challenges. If the feedback is an improvement that we believe will benefit all users, the change is frequently included in the next release of our installed or hosted staffing software.

There are times when particular customizations to installed staffing software are needed for internal procedures or operations required by our staffing firms. COATS is happy to discuss reports, revisions, and software changes that will best suit each situation and how we can program these features specifically for you.

Typically, a request with client specifics is provided, and within two weeks, a quote with a potential ETA is sent. We understand that we can’t be everything to all of our clients, but we believe our custom staffing software can be adjusted to exactly what each agency requires.

What Our Customizable Recruiting Software Solutions Offer

Modern Recruiting Tactics

Automatically post jobs to social media and boost your reach by thousands of views. Send free text messages to candidates and reach people wherever they are. Our staffing software stays inline with current trends – allowing you to get your jobs in front of potential candidates and make connections faster.


Streamline the employee management process by putting all of the employee information you need on one screen. With our employee staffing software component, you can boost efficiency and get complete employee profiles at-a-glance, including payroll data, previous assignments, tax considerations, work clearances, schedule, and availability.

Employee Management


COATS Staffing Software offers a built-in CRM (Customer Relationship Manager.) Track your client and prospect conversations with dates and times from your first contact all the way through billing. Recall with one click not only your client’s job order specifics but seasonal variability and when to check back. Schedule follow-up dates, rank the likelihood of client use and note the type of call that occurred for a good mix of in-person and online prospecting.


Job Orders

Avoid duplicate data entry with all information entered into the central component of Job Orders, automatically updating both Client and Employee data screens. This same time-saving process occurs with data that is entered here, being carried over to our payroll module as well. Pay rates, bill rates, and worker’s compensation codes to name a few items. Users of our visual platform will be pleased to notice the color-coding that occurs in Job Orders indicating the status of both the order and the employees who could fill the role as pending, interviewed, accepted, and confirmed. Track your assigned Recruiter and client contact as well.

Job Orders


Take the headache out of payroll. Simplify all your necessary payroll calculations and employee compliance with COATS Staffing Software. Generate all invoicing and statements from the same data, which is compiled into AR for client billing. Easily make payments in AP for related liabilities. Automated time and attendance are also possible, as are pay cards and direct deposit. Payroll


Stay on top of accounting functions and help boost compliance with COATS Staffing Software. The system is fully integrated with both payroll and accounts receivable is auto-populated from job orders and client records. Additionally, the robust and fully customizable General Ledger works for you, generating powerfully built financial reports.