Price Structure

The staffing industry has unique needs. Flexibility in pricing structure can help control cash flow and optimize your bottom line.

Flexible Pricing Options

Whether you are looking for a lease or purchase option, installed software or an online solution, COATS will help you get exactly what you want and need.

Your Staffing Business Is Unlike Any Other

That’s why your staffing software should be customized to the unique needs and preferences of your business. COATS customizable recruiting software solutions give you the flexibility to customize your programs so that they fit seamlessly into your workflows today and evolve with you as your business grows.

Purchase vs. Lease

You can purchase or lease your COATS user licenses depending on your current needs. Leasing is advised if your business is in a growth stage and/or cash flow is a little irregular. You can also lease a license temporarily if you need it for high-demand times or a special project. Purchasing staffing software for your company makes more sense if your business is already stable and established and if you plan to use your COATS license(s) for a long time.

Installed Vs. Hosted Online

COATS Staffing Software can be configured to be installed onto your computers or hosted online. Installed staffing software gives you security and reduces access times. Online hosted staffing software provides flexibility, portability, and automatic backup. To learn more about these options, including pricing, contact us.