Client Portal Software

COATS client web portal software gives your employer partners secured access to add job orders at their convenience.

Coats Client Portal being displayed on a desktop computer

Secure Client Portal Software

Our client web portal software gives your clients a secured, unified access point to add their own job orders. Clients can review prior orders and edit as needed. The portal includes a simple-to-follow template clients are welcome to use. Recruiters can then review the job order in detail and request clarification as needed.

Secured, Unified Access Point

Clients can submit job orders or review and edit existing orders.

Continuous Collaboration

Ideal for clients who prefer to input their own data rather than discuss vacancies via phone or email.

Account Information Review

Customize access to include job orders, invoices, and other data, depending on security level.

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Give Clients More Control

A secure portal improves the client experience, giving them more control over their job posting. They can enter jobs at their convenience with the level of detail they want without waiting for someone at your staffing firm to be free to take their information or needing to explain what must be included in the post. They can also check invoices and update account information 24/7/365.

Busy employers are often stretched thin. When they spend the whole day in a reactive mode, responding to customer issues and putting out fires, they may not have time to sit down to consider the requirements and selling points they want to include in a job post until they are at home after a long day at the office. The client portal allows them to access their account from their laptop anytime, anyplace.

Become A Trusted Advisor

Secure client portal software allows clients to add or review job orders at their convenience. You’ll always know when your client has made changes, allowing you to make suggestions and offer advice, whether that means essential points to cover or how to make the post more appealing to job seekers. Clients may also review their invoices and can also update their account information.

When your client edits their account information, notes will appear in client/sales comments, reflecting both the previous and updated information. Changes to phone numbers, cell phone and email addresses are all examples of what may be edited and will be tracked. The client portal report holds all the updated comment information for all clients. This includes any modifications to any client department and any new job order added through any client.

When clients combine the convenience of the online portal with your recruiting expertise, they see firsthand the value your services offer. It enables you to grow your account base, retain your customers and lower your cost of doing business.