There are many facets to running a staffing agency smoothly, not the least of which is access to all-in-one banking software designed for the staffing industry.

Banking Software Systems

COATS Staffing Software offers a full-fledged, all-in-one business management suite complete with payroll, billing, banks, GL, A/R, A/P, a CRM and an ATS

Banking Software Systems For Staffing Companies

Online payment and billing solutions come in different shapes and sizes. COATS is the banking software companies in the staffing industry count on. You’ll find some banking software is basically an online bill pay service, while others are full-fledged business management suites that combine online payment and billing capabilities with CRM functionality. Both are valuable options, but they are not the same, nor do they serve the same needs.

COATS banking software system is a well-blended single application in which infrastructure, data and processes all come together in one clear enterprise is paramount for a staffing agency. Only having to access a single software program saves countless steps. This can’t happen with fragmented systems and multiple software packages.