Client Relationship Management

Client management software for staffing companies from COATS provides control over customer data while ensuring no clients slip through the cracks because they fail to receive the service level they expect and deserve. CRM isn’t just a database it’s a tool to encourage continued and repeat business.

Client Management Software Solutions

COATS client management software for staffing companies is a CRM with an increased focus on the R: Relationships. Build relationships with your clients. Ensure that you are checking in with your customer with just the right frequency. Some clients want to talk with you several times per day while, others need only the most basic, bare-bones detail. COATS helps you keep it all in balance!

Client Relationship Management Software

With COATS Staffing Software and our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module, you can track every contact you make with each of your clients. Every client has different needs. Knowing the difference when dealing with your clients is what sets you apart. That is the true power of using customer relationship management software solutions for your firm. Note if the contact made is by phone, e-mail or in person, and you can also attach documents, proposals and other data you share or receive with each of your clients.

All-In-One Client Information Tracking System

With good CRM software, you can track your history with a client or prospect from the initial contact all the way through invoicing. Plus, the data you need won’t be stuck in a single laptop or file folder where it can be lost, inaccessible or impossible to search. Information entered upfront is easily accessible by every member of your team and can be updated by anyone with access. If a client’s contact information changes, everyone will be able to find it quickly.

Client Information Is Both Secure And Accessible

With fully integrated CRM software for staffing agencies, you can view what jobs are open for each of your clients and which recruiter is working on those jobs.
Your sales team can track what communication has taken place for each job order brought in. Staff can either view contacts made in the client record or in the job order rather than constantly bothering the recruiter who is focused on filling the open positions.

Employee Status Is Easy To Find

View open and closed job orders from the client module, see which employees worked for each client and review notes of success or any issues that may have occurred. See who has been hired direct or shifted from temp to permanent. COATS all-in-one software for staffing companies also ensures your accounting and payroll departments will have access to all the information they need to keep the checks moving on time.