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Video: COATSsql Basics: A/R

This is the A/R portion of the COATSsql training DVDs.


Don’t worry if it’s hard to see the screen in this embedded window; just click the four arrows at the bottom of the player to watch it full-screen!

00:00 Introduction
00:15 AR Qualifying Transactions
02:25 Bill
03:52 Invoice Processing
05:34 Calculate Sales Tax
05:34 Print Invoices
06:13 Invoice Register
08:38 GM/GP
09:50 Print Any Invoice
10:40 Invoice Payments/Adjustments
23:25 Create AR Transactions
31:00 Calculate Finance Chargers
32:00 Statement Processing
34:08 Invoice Register by Date
35:36 Aged Analysis
37:00 Collections
38:13 A/R Summary