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Video: Resume Parsing in Version 4.7.0

Have you been using resume parsing in our previous versions? It’s a great tool that just got better!

Now key components of the resume are stored and searchable; not just contact and skills but “Contact”, “Job Objectives”, “Summary”, “Certifications”, “Employment”, “Education”, and “Skills”.

You also have three methods to email a resume: original, formatted original or COATS formatted.

And the search offers more than just skills with and/or. There is now “best fit”, “objective”, “employers” and “skills.”

Learn how to use resume parsing in version 4.7.0. by watching this video:

Resume Parsing in COATSsql 4.7.0 from COATS Staffing Software on Vimeo.

Don’t worry if it’s hard to see the screen in this embedded window; just click the four arrows at the bottom of the player to watch it full-screen!

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