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Quickly complete each new employee’s verification, compliance and paperwork and assign them to work.

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Electronically Collect

Electronically collect W-4, Form I-9, criminal record & drug screen authorization, direct deposit, employer safety & conduct acknowledgement and more.

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Automated Onboarding

Knock out new hire paperwork, ensure compliance and meet deadlines with automated onboarding.

Take COATS Further with Electronic Onboarding

Electronic Employee Onboarding


Electronic employee onboarding can help make your job easier. With proven productivity gains for new hires and increased employee retention, onboarding software helps simplify and organize the integration process of each new employee, enabling them to hit the ground running and get more done in their crucial first few weeks on the job.

Electronic onboarding enables you to get more done with less time and resources than you ever thought possible. Featuring a digital dashboard that helps employees quickly get up to speed with your organization’s way of doing things, onboarding software standardizes your talents’ new hire and integration process so that each new employee is able to complete their verification, compliance and paperwork in a minimal amount of time. And when your next new hire completes the process, they’ll be able to start work with your clients asap, providing an immediate impact on your bottom line.

For all new hires, onboarding software can build in what you want your new hires to understand and learn.  You can help your employees answer any questions they might have about the terms of their employment, their responsibilities and their role, while also minimizing the burden on administrative and HR departments and resources. Electronic Onboarding can also help in the collection of federally or state-mandated information, ensuring that everything’s in compliance with the law. 

Is employee onboarding software right for you?

While it’s hard to say exactly how much you can save with electronic employee onboarding — time and resources are two big areas of savings — you likely already have a good idea of what it takes to bring on someone new. If each new hire bogs your Recruiters down in frivolous paperwork instead of helping to get each new employee started; if compliance is a lengthy and time-consuming part of each new hire; if you tend to miss deadlines or you forget to file or send background checks; or if you have high turnover, particularly if it’s soon after a new hire — you stand to benefit greatly from an electronic employee onboarding software solution.

According to studies, many employees say that they know whether they’ll stay or leave a job within a week of starting work. But the sad part is that for many organizations, a poor onboarding process can mean that great new talent is stuck filling out paperwork and engaged in other time-sucking endeavors that may make them question their choice. With the right onboarding software and processes in place, they’ll be able to get in and out of the required paperwork and other materials while they’re still excited about the position. And once you let them get to it, their passion and enthusiasm for the job at hand will start to shine, instead of being held back by a slow and laborious brain dump and an avalanche of paperwork.

Productivity and Employee Onboarding Software

Instead of the complicated and convoluted way most organizations hire and assimilate new talent, electronic employee onboarding can help you knock out new hire paperwork, ensure employment documentation compliance, help you conduct background checks, ensure automatic workflows, and provide access to employee information, all with a minimal time and resource commitment.

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