July 2014 Legal Roundup

Learn the latest developments in what’s covered under the FMLA, plus other news from the world of employment law in July’s legal roundup.

June 2014 Legal Roundup

The lessons: pay your workers the wages they’re due, you don’t have to accommodate an ADA leave longer than 6 months and be nice to moms.

May 2014 Legal Roundup

We learned some vital lessons about employment law last month: third-party harassment, Tweeting while drunk and sunbathing naked. For real.

April 2014 Legal Roundup

It was a very mixed bag of a month, in terms of employment law news. Headlines ranged from bills hitting a brick wall in the Senate to, oh, a topless woman trashing a McDonalds. Read on… Two major bills involving wages failed to pass the U.S. Senate last month. The Paycheck Fairness Act, which addressed […]

March 2014 Legal Roundup

March madness was in full effect in employment law; this was a busy month with lots of rulings and lots of “they did what?!” cases.