Marketing: Social Media for Clients

If you’re using social media as just a venue for your personal life, you’re missing out on a huge channel for marketing and communications—in fact, several channels.

The Client Experience: Adding Value

Adding value to the client relationship

Believe it or not, there is such a thing as karma in business. If you take the time and care to add value to your relationships with clients, you can find them paying off handsomely.

The Client Experience: Relationships and Communication

The client experience: relationships and communication

The bad news is that gaps in how well you know a client indicate the lack of a genuine relationship, but the good news is that they’re easy to fix. In fact, it’s the same way of fixing most relationships: communicating.

The Client Experience: Information Systems

Keeping your client information organized is essential to good customer service

One of the secrets to good clients service is knowing your clients and their needs. So it’s a good idea to develop a client information system to keep all this useful info at the ready.

Are You Ready for Growth? Grow Profits with Value

Grow your staffing firm with COATS Staffing Software

Marketing isn’t just about reaching out to customers; it’s about establishing the importance and value of what you do, and of how you can make your customers’ businesses stronger and more profitable. To truly do this, we must look beyond our usual positioning.

Selling During the Storm

There is a storm brewing lately. A dropping stock market, a slowdown in the economy, recent lay-offs, rising unemployment… How do you survive in “sales” during times like these? Apply the same basic selling principles that work during calm and sunny days!