Unlock your business's potential

Fully integrated staffing software saves time, money and your sanity.

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Run your whole business from one interface

Keep your daily operations smooth and friction-free. Instead of having to change programs or databases to go from front office to back office, access it all from the COATS interface. And because there’s just one set of data in COATS, you never have to enter the same information twice.

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Technical support that understands our industry

Take the stress out of staffing, and out of software. Our technical support specialists not only understand COATS Staffing Software, they understand the staffing industry. Having a sister staffing company gives us real-world experience, plus it helps us keep in touch with what matters most to companies like yours.

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Dashboards give you instant information you can use

Get a snapshot of the day, your company or anything in between. COATS dashboards deliver at-a-glance summaries of information, so you can view the state of your business immediately and respond quickly. Customize the dashboards to show whatever is most important to you: calls to make, invoices to send, job orders to fill, clients to pursue.

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Thoughts from a few daily users

Theresa Mumma

"We would not have been able to succeed over the years without your vision with the staffing software and the incredible support you provide when we are in need.  We will look forward to another 15 years of COATS products and services."
Theresa Latasa Mumma, Glendora Employment Agency

Laura Kasper

"It is such a pleasure being a customer of COATSsql. The staff and support services are the best. If we need help, it is as if they are located in the office next door. They consistently offer a superior product, excellent customer service, and expertise that we believe is the best in the industry. In today’s fast paced, technology filled society where there is very little customer service contact, it is such a pleasure having COATSsql help run our business. We could not do it without them."
Laura Kasper, Monarch Staffing

Ray Lattimore

"We have used COATS for approximately 12 years now and it is simply GREAT!!! Seamless front office, back office and website integration. We have multiple locations, no problem! Monthly newsletter, excellent website, continuous upgrades / improvements, outstanding communication with Karen Connor and staff. Technical support is first class. I would not even think of another staffing software if it was given to me."
Ray Lattimore, Marketplace Staffing

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