Your All-In-One Staffing Software Solution

Front office. Back office. One solution, in one place. COATS manages your data so you and your team can focus on hands-on and revenue driving activities.

Customizable Staffing and Recruitment Software

COATS specializes in comprehensive software solutions for the staffing industry. It’s an all-in-one solution to manage the critical candidate, employee and client data you need. From the applicant information entered into your ATS to begin your relationship with new candidates, to contact information to remain in touch, through payroll and billing, COATS is the only staffing software vendor you’ll ever need.


Every Detail In One Place

COATS makes critical data easy to access, easy to manage. In just a few clicks, you can control client and candidate information and compare open jobs to available employees.

Remote Hiring Solutions

Access From Where You Are

COATS staffing software for remote hiring means all the information you need is available 24 / 7 / 365 to authorized users no matter where they are.

Accounting & Billing Software

Accounting Software for Staffing

No one knows staffing software better than COATS. Control cashflow, invoice promptly and keep your process on track with this fully integrated accounting software solution.

Why Choose COATS

Run your whole business from one interface

COATS Staffing Software provides solutions, support and resources. The system includes fully integrated CRM, payroll and a complete accounting and billing platform. It’s an all-in-one solution that enables you to run your whole staffing business from a single interface while keeping your daily operations friction-free. Seamlessly access all front- and back-office data. And because there’s just one set of data in COATS, you never have to enter the same information twice.

Don Davis, 1st Staffing Group USA

“I believe we have seen evidence of every portion of the portal being used. I believe usage will continue to increase as our associates get used to using it. We have created over 500 accounts so far.”

Megen McMichael, VECTEC

“This process allows the entire team to track the onboarding progress of a new employee. Through regular updates and the latest innovations in cybersecurity, the protection and privacy of personal information contained within the system is impeccable.”

Technical support that understands staffing

Take the stress out of staffing software. You’ll have access to our technical support specialists who understand COATS Staffing Software, the staffing industry, and how to effectively communicate advanced features, so you get the most from your software.

Dashboards with instant information you can use

With almost 30 years of customer feedback, we know what staffing companies need and are dedicated to continually improving our software.