Unlocking Opportunities: The Work Opportunity Tax Credit for Veterans and Ex-Felons

Unlocking Opportunities_ The Work Opportunity Tax Credit for Veterans and Ex-Felons

You’ve seen the advertising for larger companies – slogans like “Hire a Vet” or “We Offer Second Chances” – appealing to certain groups that would be interested in applying for a job, sparked by this type of focused outreach. To combat the labor shortage that some companies are facing, they are expanding their hiring pool […]

How Can You Responsibly Use AI for Content Creation?

Haley AI Image

By James Moul It’s been more than a year since ChatGPT came out and revolutionized the landscape of written content creation. We know – it’s hard to believe. In staffing, AI technologies have been integral to tasks like candidate sourcing, parsing resumes, and automated communication for some time. But recent advancements in large-language models (LLMs) […]

Adapting to Thrive: 5 Key Strategies for Staffing Agencies in 2024

How is the staffing industry fairing as we move into 2024? The answer is complex and nuanced. While there are certainly positive indicators, there’s always potential challenges to consider. Par for the course in the staffing industry, actually. What factors have a large effect on staffing agencies? For starters, “the unemployment rate edged down to […]

Conquer Chaos, Embrace Efficiency: One Software for Your Entire Staffing Agency

Embrace Change COATS

Conquer Chaos, Embrace Efficiency: One Software for Your Entire Staffing Agency Juggling mountains of paperwork? Feeling frazzled by fragmented systems? Aren’t you ready for something different in 2024? We’ve all been there. In the fast-paced world of staffing, efficiency is key. But with endless tasks and a million tabs open, staying on top of everything […]

Staffing agencies: What is your number one priority?

COATS Number One Priority

As the prior staffing agency owners of Reliance Staffing & Recruiting, we came to understand through 35 years in business that the key to success is finding and retaining top talent. But with so many different staffing agencies to choose from, how do you make sure that you’re offering the best possible services to your […]

Use Data to Master your Staffing Process and Supercharge your Agency

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Data can help staffing firms understand where to focus their efforts and how to price their services, match candidates to jobs more effectively, identify and retain top performers, and improve customer satisfaction. Let’s start by looking at what has changed in the staffing industry over the last year or two and why using data for […]