Can you easily reach your job candidates?

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If you have trouble connecting with your job candidates, consider this: Many of the applicants who apply to work with staffing agencies already have jobs and will not or cannot answer phone calls at work. They risk being reprimanded if their current employer discovers they are job hunting, so phone calls not only waste your […]

6 Signs you may need a new Recruitment Staffing Software

6 Signs You Need new Staffing Software

If your staffing software is outdated, it will slow you down this year. That will be frustrating, especially at the beginning of a new year, which most of us approach with fresh goals and optimism for all the great things to come. An elderly ATS without the latest features or a customer relationship management (CRM) […]

8 Ways a Staffing Agency can help you Boost your Career

8 Ways Stafffing Agency Boost Career

Get hired for jobs quicker: Staffing agencies can get you in front of employers faster than traditional job searching and allow you to bypass the long application process. You apply once with a staffing firm and can work multiple assignments with a staffing agency, accepting and declining assignments as you desire. Be forthright and honest […]

How to Drive Greater ROI From Your Staffing Firm’s Automation Platform

How to Drive ROI

By David Searns Smart Automation Checklist Many staffing firms have adopted automation platforms to automate process and engagement tasks and give recruiters more time to focus on A-level tasks. Automation sounds simple: create a workflow, turn it on…and save time, make money, and never have to deal with that pesky process again, right? Well, not […]

4 Hiring Trends for 2023, relative to the Staffing Industry

Staffing Trends

Engaging passive candidates Filling upper level positions has always required a longer term engagement with C-suite candidates as the majority are typically currently employed. As you might expect with the increasing difficulty in finding even entry level employees to work, Recruiters are taking a more proactive role in all positions to try and get candidates […]