5 Benefits of using staffing software to grow your agency

4 Items to lok for in choosing a staffing software

Staffing software for your recruitment firm isn’t just a “nice-to-have.” It’s an imperative. These essential tools allow you to manage every step of the recruitment process end-to-end. It’s about a lot more than managing large volumes of data (although these systems do that, too). The best staffing software solutions automatically capture every interaction and data […]

In Staffing? Here’s 3 digital tools we hope you’re using.

Digital Technology Services

With more than 25,000 staffing agencies in the U.S. competing for clients and candidates, it is vital that your staffing agency is using the latest digital services. The benefits of introducing technology to your staffing agency operations are quite clear: Improved systems save you time and money. Automate time-consuming administrative tasks, eliminate data errors, boost […]

Improve the Candidate Experience with Recruiting Software

Improve candidate experience 2

What’s the first interaction a candidate has with your business? It’s not onboarding or the first day on the job. It’s not even the interview process. It’s being a candidate – applying to a job and then moving through the screening and hiring process. The “candidate experience,” as it’s commonly called, is a critical part […]

5 Must-Have Staffing Software Features

5 Must have Staffing Software Features

Recruiting software automates many aspects of the job search process, making it easier for staffing firms to manage their operations. It also has tools for keeping track of and managing candidates. Here are five of the most important staffing software features for running an effective and efficient staffing agency: Recruitment Management Recruitment management software has […]

In This Era of Candidate Recruitment, the Brand Is Most Important: Here’s Why

Era of Candidate Recruitment

By Matt Lozar Ever since there’s been business competition, a company’s reputation has played an important role in attracting customers and increasing revenue. Employer branding is more recent. Although the concept had been percolating for decades, it really became prominent long about the mid-90s, when the first online job boards were launched. In today’s candidate-driven […]

Need more, or actually better clients for your staffing agency?   

4 Types of Email Marketing Specific to Staffing Agency Clients

Having been in the staffing industry for more than 35 years, I came to understand that sales and prospecting for new clients never stops. You can never have too many clients, but you can have the wrong clients. You know, those are the clients with the lowest margin and the highest level of service required. […]