Online Applications
Employment Online Application
Everybody wins when applicants apply via your website. They get the convenience of applying online, while you save time and energy because their information is downloaded directly into a COATS Employee Master Record. Applicants can access the Employment application from their phone, tablet, or workstation.
Online Applications has streamlined our application process for potential candidates, making the process easier for them and us. The Online Applications are easy for the Applicants to complete, typically take less time than traditional paper applications, and allows them to apply for positions at their convenience, not restricting them to our offi
- Karen Ellis, Director of Operations, TOPS Human Resource Solutions
Employee Portal
Employee Portal
Associates can view and print their paystubs and W2s online, from workstations or smartphones. Plus they can opt in W2s, update their contact information and check in availability. Now your receptionists can focus on substantive calls rather than spending every Monday morning marking associates available.
I believe we have seen evidence of every portion of the portal being used. I believe usage will continue to increase as our associates get used to using it. We have created over 500 accounts so far.
- Don Davis, 1st Staffing Group USA
Client Portals
Client Portal
The Client Portal allows easy access to read-only data with your agency.  Client Contacts can view their open orders, assigned employees and even add new jobs. They can see closed or open invoices and balances.
We've been with COATS for five years and are extremely satisfied! The integration of front & back office is smooth and efficient and they constantly update the software to meet the ever-changing needs of the staffing industry. COATS staff was awesome during the transition and has remained so; always very helpful and fully attentive to our issues an
- Ann Morketter, Pro Staffing, Inc. Dba Cape Fear Staffing
Online Job Posting
Online Job Posting
The job board for your company mimics the look of your website. All your open positions, created in COATS, are listed on this board, and it’s updated four times a day. Plus, your jobs can post automatically to Facebook, Twitter, Simply Hired and other RSS feed sites.
We have used COATS since 2005. They have great front and back office integration. We will be upgrading to COATS Visual in early 19. The COATS software works so well that we breeze through audits, like Work Comp, once the auditor sees the integration they don't feel a need to look for skeletons, the reports are comprehensive and the data all links s
- Reno Moreno, Integrity Staffing Specialists LLC
Resume Parsing
Resume Parsing
Entering data from resumes into COATS takes a lot of time you could spend doing other, more profit-enhancing things. Batch scan or drag and drop resumes; this option uses the resume to create an Employee Master Record in COATS- or links the resume to an existing record. All resume text is searchable via a job order or through the resume platform.  Match applicants quickly to open jobs!
Resume Parsing is a real gamechanger for our company; the ease of use and the cutting-edge technology allows us to quickly match applicants’ skill sets with our clients’ productivity needs.
- Christopher Lihzis, The Alpha Group
Onboarding is an exciting time as it means you’ve successfully found the right person for the job! COATS Onboarding simplifies the critical element of the employment process. With COATS Onboarding, you are in control of the required forms, process and requirements via the Employee Master Record.
This process allows the entire team to track the onboarding progress of a new employee. Through regular updates and the latest innovations in cybersecurity, the protection and privacy of personal information contained within the system is impeccable.
- Megen McMichael, VECTEC

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