Inside a Staffing Agency from a Client’s perspective

From a client’s perspective, if you are paying a staffing firm a direct hire fee (15 – 25% average fee of the candidate’s annual salary) or honoring a temp to hire policy (640 – 1000 hours on the staffing firms payroll) to hire a new employee, you obviously expect an excellent employee.  Candidates submitted to […]

My pleasure! Two words, and you have a new customer service policy.

I’m not sure about you, but Chick-fil-A always stands out to me in terms of customer service.  And you know what, it’s sometimes literally due to only two words used by their employees, “My pleasure!”  The fact that the customer care of a fast food business can stand out in my mind, out of the many industries […]

Making Sense of the ASA Skills Gap Index

The American Staffing Association, in partnership with Career Builder, has released its new Skills Gap Index. The metric is an aid for those who follow the economy and staffing industry, but it is also used by those of us in the industry so that we can develop solutions and strategies for our clients.

Are Companies Laying HR Off?

A new possible trend among medium-sized companies could mean a great opportunity for staffing firms like yours.

The Client Experience: Go Beyond the Job

For great customer service, go beyond the job

“Beyond” can extend in a couple of different directions. It can extend beyond the person or department you’re serving, out to the company as a whole. Or it can extend beyond the job-related functions of the person or department you serve.

The Client Experience: Adding Value

Adding value to the client relationship

Believe it or not, there is such a thing as karma in business. If you take the time and care to add value to your relationships with clients, you can find them paying off handsomely.