Value-added options for COATS Staffing Software

Value-added options for COATS Staffing SoftwareThere’s no doubt that COATS Staffing Software is loaded with features (including free texting!). Like we say, “everything you handle is right here.” However, sometimes you don’t want to handle too much, especially when it comes to time- and money-eating tasks like data entry.

To save you time and money, and to extend the reach of your recruiting efforts, COATS has three options that have proven to add value to any staffing business:

  • Online applications: What do candidates spend half an hour doing in your waiting room? Filling out paper applications. What do you then spend at least 30 minutes entering into COATS? Information from that application. Think of how much time you could save if your candidates could fill out all that stuff online and have it appear directly in COATS!
  • Job postings: The more online job boards your open positions appear on, the more likely you are to reach the pool of potential applicants you need. This option automatically posts your job listings to top job boards and social media platforms, at the touch of a button.
  • Resume parsing: Here’s another data entry task that nobody likes. Fortunately, if you have this option, you can let COATS do the work for you. Candidates can give you a resume as a Microsoft Word document or an Adobe PDF, or you can scan in their paper resumes, and the information will be parsed directly into COATS.

We’ll be talking about each of these options a little more in depth over the next couple of weeks. And oh yes, there will be eBooks and videos. If you have any questions about any of these options or how they integrate with COATS, don’t hesitate to contact us or leave your questions in the comments!

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