We are living in uncharted territory for the next number of weeks. Here are some tips that might help with the new normal we are all facing!

Have patience
As mentioned, this is new territory for everyone. Kids, spouses and loved ones may be home from work with you, all day and all night, in your same space. Tensions will run high as there is so much that is unexpected.  Everyone is nervous or anxious about what this may hold.  Have patience, take deep breaths. Know that this is temporary.

Designate a separate work space
Try to use a location in your home you could designate solely for work. This may help with your loved ones at home to signify, “when I’m in there, I’m at work.”

Take breaks often
Since this was thrown upon us, we won’t typically have the perfect off-site set up.  We don’t have ergonomically correct chairs or stand up desks at home. Our bodies are sitting in new positions and this can cause some aches and pains.  Set an alarm on your phone for every hour to get up, stretch, maybe even do squats or have soup cans to do arm exercises. This is also a good time to take 10 minutes to chat with loved ones in your home.  This way they know with every hour they will get your undivided attention at the end of the hour and they will be less likely to interrupt during you ‘work time’.

Don’t skip lunch
It is important to take your lunch time, as you would have in the past, for yourself.  Eat outside, talk a walk around your house, complex, or neighborhood. Take this time to take a break and allow yourself to not think about work.

Mind your schedule
It is important for your mental health to stick to your schedule as much as possible.  Wake up at the same time, get ready as if you were going in to work. Prepare for your day. Take breaks, take a lunch and when work is over shut down your laptop and be done.  Get up and walk away from your workspace and leave work there, don’t take it into the rest of your day.

Lock down can be social
Although you are limited to gathering in groups of 10 or more that doesn’t mean you can’t connect via FaceTime, Skype, or my kids even told me about House Party. Still have the church group or book club or Wine Wednesday; just do it via an app!

Be Flexible
Most of all be flexible! Understand you will be connecting with clients in new ways that you or they haven’t connected before.  Your kids will be learning new platforms and ways to listen and learn from their teacher.  Your other loved ones will be working from home or still working outside the house all with brand new stress in an uncertain time.  A schedule is important but if an emergency pops up or a bawling child or an anxious loved one walks in your space; it’s okay to take a moment and reconnect with them.  Remember we are literally all in this together! Hang in there and STAY HEALTHY!

~Karen Connor
COATS VP Business Development

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