For great customer service, go beyond the job

For great customer service, go beyond the jobEarlier this week, we talked about solving customers’ problems as a great way to add value to your customer service. Today, we’re taking that even farther.

Once you’ve gotten your processes and procedures in top shape, compiled a thorough client information system, gotten in the habit of communicating and relationship-building and begun adding value to your customers, it’s time to go beyond the job in your client service.

“Beyond” can extend in a couple of different directions. It can extend beyond the person or department you’re serving, out to the company as a whole. Or it can extend beyond the job-related functions of the person or department you serve.

Company as a whole: Look at the company holistically. Research it; see what its customers are saying about it online and note if any ideas for how to improve that come to mind. Keep on top of company developments in the news and ask your clients about them. Plus, remember: any suggestions for how to cut costs will be appreciated by just about any company.

Non-job functions: While you were gathering information on your clients, hopefully you learned what charities they support. Or perhaps the company itself participates in charity or community activities. If these causes are aligned with you or your company’s values, start attending functions or otherwise getting involved. Just be aware: people can tell when you’re at a charity event for the connections. Put your heart into it and you’ll get rewards far beyond business.

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