Supreme Court Hearing

Employers are confused.  Month over month it seems there are different rulings and stays employers must review regarding vaccines and testing.  Specific to staffing firms with 100 or more employees, we’reSupreme Court Hearing hoping for clarification regarding OSHA’s emergency temporary standard of the vaccine or test mandate.

Next Friday, January 7th, one hour is allotted for oral arguments for both “(1) emergency applications to stay the district court injunctions that have put the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services mandate on hold in 25 states and (2) emergency applications to re-impose a stay on the OSHA ETS, which was lifted last week (December 17, 2021).”

This is highly unusual because traditionally the Supreme Court will take action on emergency applications without oral argument and will sometimes move to a full hearing, however in this case the court will hear one-hour arguments on the emergency application. This is occurring due to the courts desire to provide clarification and firm answers on whether the government’s vaccine mandates should or should not remain in effect while appellate courts review the merits of the mandates.

It’s noted that on 1/7/22 the “ultimate fate of the mandates” will not be decided, however, “employers can expect some guidance as to whether these mandates will survive and be enforced going forward.

COATSCOATS Staffing Software offers ways to report and track vaccination status, testing and accommodations for the vaccinate or test mandate.  Please contact us for details on how to use COATS to help you through this process.

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