Whether you are re-opening a new job order in COATS from a prior client, or adding a new client and job order in COATS, remember to always use this opportunity to review and increase rates when necessary.  Again, unemployment is the highest it’s been since 1969 and most employees are currently working and will only leave their present employer for better pay and opportunity.  Keep in mind, before negotiating with your client specific pay and bill rates, it is easier to schedule your top 2-3 candidates for an interview first.  It’s pretty hard to discuss an employee’s pay rate without looking specifically at what each unique employee has to bring to the table.  How many years of experience does he/she have in general, and does he have specific industry experience relative to the client?


At the same time, “what is your bill rate” is typically a client’s first question and understandably they want some type of answer other than, “let us schedule some candidates for you to interview first.”  Give your client a bill rate range during your initial conversation and explain how after interviews are conducted, an exact rate can be fine tuned based on the candidate selected.  But first, Use the Mark-Up tab in COATS to ensure the bill rate range you provide is sufficient.  Here you can review your profit margin to ensure before quoting a bill rate, your worker’s compensation and overhead costs are covered.  Type in your bill rate and pay rate, easily click on the skill code for the position and you can also add your general overhead cost % to provide you with a good idea of where you need to be, before quoting a rate.

~Lynn Connor

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