One of the unique capabilities that COATS Staffing Software provides is being “integrated,” making data management far more accessible. This saves users countless hours on hunting for information, money by not having to purchase multiple programs, and sanity from having to switch from one program to another or the often frustrating attempts of forcing two (or more) programs to work together.

COATS simply makes life easier.

Integrated essentially means to unify disparate elements of production to form a polished, finished product. In the case of COATS, front- and back-office tasks that are of importance to the staffing industry are programmed into the software and work seamlessly together to generate display information on clients, employees, and applicants, as well as generate critical reports necessary to running your business effectively and the forms required for tax reporting.

“Full integration in your ATS product is critical to the smooth operation of your staffing firm on a daily basis,” said Tom Sarach, Jr., founder and president of COATS. “The integration built right into COATS will save you time and money!”

Whether it is accounts payable and general ledger, payroll and billing, auditing or worker’s compensation, profit/loss statements – COATS is a single source for your office needs, not a web of systems that might leave you tangled and frustrated.

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