To stay competitive in today’s world, businesses need to use technology to help minimize paperwork while maximizing efficiency and positive outcomes. Employees and prospects expect it; clients demand it.

Staffing software is one key element that can help you achieve better results. Broadly speaking, staffing software is a tool that can assist staffing firms find talent, track applicants through the hiring process, improve onboarding communication, and manage candidate and client relationships.

COATS Staffing Software Capabilities:

  • Recruiting: Job listings can automatically post to social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and to job boards such as Indeed and Simply Hired. It also allows you to send free text messages to potential candidates to speed up the recruiting and interviewing process.Staffing Software Capabilities
  • Employee Information: Our staffing software assembles all pertinent candidate information in one place for review. You’ll find information data such as contact info, education, job history and skills. With a click, you can review payroll history, previous assignments, special tax considerations, and work authorization clearances, as well as schedule and availability information.
  • Job Orders: The central component to any staffing organization, job orders are automatically updated through our staffing software. Pay, bill and worker’s comp rates are automatically carried over from job order to your payroll department for smoother accounts payable/receivable processing.

Just as staffing solutions today are far different than they were a decade ago, they’ll change again in the next 10 years, probably with even more dramatic results. You need a company that can not only keep up with the changes but one that stays at the forefront of developing the new technologies that will leverage that change.

COATS SQL is that company. We can provide customized staffing software solutions and provide upgrades as the staffing solutions process evolves. Let’s talk about the future of your company.

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