fireworksWe are extremely excited to announce our new product launch, COATS Visual, and a new value-added option, Electronic Onboarding!

COATS Visual – New Features and More Efficient

COATS Visual has dozens of new features that are sure to make your front and back-office more efficient!

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Specifically, here are some of the enhancements you will find in the new program:

  • Advanced dashboards to review data quickly
  • There are no longer ‘right’ clicks for data; all data is present on the main screen or within a button
  • Grids now allow for quick search, print and export
  • You can modify the background theme
  • You can modify font and size of each COATS window
  • There is no longer a requirement to keep all windows of COATS within a main window; windows can now stretch across multiple screens
  • You can drag/drop any documents to become part of the Employee Contact, Clients Sales, AP, AR and Bank Contact
  • Enhanced ACA Features
  • Quicker payroll processing
  • Enhanced PDF Emailing Invoice capabilities
  • Enhanced Payroll, AP, AR, Bank and GL Functions
  • Enhanced reporting capabilities

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Electronic Onboarding Has Arrived Too!

Additionally, as we posted earlier, Electronic Onboarding is also now available as a value-added option.

What is it?
COATS integrated Electronic Onboarding keeps your office paper free! Once your new employee has a job offer, your staff, within COATS, can register the employee to complete the new hire paperwork online. The employee will receive a registration link where they can complete an initial form that will populate the necessary fields on each of the new Hire forms within the onboarding process. The employee will add additional data required by each unique form and sign electronically. Once done the staffer will finalize the I9 and complete the onboarding process. The Staffer at any time can go back to view the employee’s new hire forms. All paperwork is stored securely online.

How does it help me?
Electronic Onboarding allows the agency’s new hire packet to be electronic. The completion, signing, and storage of forms is all held on a secure site. If the staffer needs to register, review, view, or have access to any new hire forms completed via Electronic Onboarding, they can access the forms from within COATS.

What does it cost?
Employee Onboarding: $195 Monthly Fee for unlimited onboarding of employees per month; $595 set up, one-time, per FEIN
Any forms beyond those included in the original setup are priced as follows: State/Federal ($175 per form), Agency Specific ($75 per form)

What does it include?
New database
Configuration File
– Dictates Sub-domain
– Pulls database assigned to agency
– Establishes Form ID¹s
– Establishes Storage Location
Set up agency staff users
Set up Base Forms
– Pre-Fill General Information Form
– Federal Forms
– I-9
– W-4
– WOTC Questionnaire/Form 8850
– One State Form (i.e. VA-4)
– Agency Specific Forms (may specify up to 5 ­such as Direct Deposit Authorization, Criminal Background Check, Arbitration Agreement, Attendance Policy, etc.)

How long does it take to get it set up?
Two-four weeks to set up the Onboarding process with VECTEC and COATS. VECTEC with speak with the agency regarding their default and additional forms and if any forms are to be added. VECTEC will discuss with agency how the employee is to receive notification; via email or staffer. COATS will walk the staff through the process for the agency.

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