COATS Staffing Software includes free texting

Woman receiving text message on cell phoneIf you’re a COATS Standard user who has always coveted the free texting capabilities of COATSsql, covet no more! The next version of COATS Standard staffing software will allow you to notify candidates of job orders through text messaging at no cost.

We introduced this feature to its COATSsql product earlier this year, and user response has been extremely positive. Steve Hill of Signature Staffing says, “We were recently involved with a project that required 150 workers. The ability to communicate through the texting option was a great help to us in contacting our employees; it saved us a significant amount of time versus trying to reach everyone by telephone. We will continue to use this feature as we move forward.”

Now COATS Standard users can enjoy the same speed and responsiveness of text messaging in Version 9.0 of COATS Standard staffing software, available in the fourth quarter of 2010.

Karen Connor, our Vice President of Sales and Marketing, says, “The response to free texting has been incredible. Clients love the ability to contact a multitude of employees quickly. Instead of spending a ton of man-hours calling 25 employees, they send a blast text and the employees call them back immediately. Beyond the ease of use, the clients also like that it is was included in their update and was not an add-on cost.”

Version 9.0 also includes access to the Global Cash Card, a debit card available to contingent workers employed by staffing firms that can be loaded using employees’ pay and used anywhere debit cards are accepted.

Are you looking forward to no-cost texting? Tell us how you anticipate using it in the comments!

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