5 Benefits of AI Recruiting

Artificial intelligence is playing a bigger role in industries of all sorts, and the staffing and recruitment world is no exception. AI has significant implications for recruiting and has in fact already been playing a big role in transforming our industry. Recruiting software of this kind changes the way we do things, and it remains to be seen what kind of roles AI will play in the space in the coming years.

There are definite benefits to recruiting with the help of AI. It’s up to staffing firms and recruiters how much or how little they wish to include AI in their process, but the benefits simply can’t be ignored.

What is AI, precisely? It’s using machine learning algorithms to process data in order to impact a decision-making process. Or, in plain English, it’s using computers to make certain decisions, rather than having a human do it. That doesn’t mean that AI will replace recruiters or other staffing professionals, of course—it just means some of the work we do can be done faster, better, and more easily.

Let’s take a closer look at how AI is changing recruiting, and what the benefits of AI are for the industry.

How is AI Changing the Recruitment Process?

AI is changing recruiting in the same way that it’s transforming other industries: certain processes can become automated, helping to streamline workflows and make things easier on recruiters. But it’s not just about making things faster and easier. There are some other real-world benefits to using AI in the recruitment process.

Reduces Unconscious Bias

We all know how much of a problem unconscious bias can be in the recruiting world. Unconscious bias seeps in even with the best intentions; because it’s unconscious, it’s hard to avoid. That’s one reason why AI staffing software solutions are so beneficial—they help to reduce unconscious bias because it’s not a human doing the screening.

Confirmation bias is one example of an unconscious bias. A recruiter might favor information that confirms their beliefs and ignore or discount information that doesn’t align with their beliefs, even if they don’t know they’re doing it. The halo effect is another example. This means assuming a candidate will be good at Task A because they’re good at doing Task B.

AI recruiting software solutions uses data points, not human decision making, to screen candidates. It’s completely objective. Plus, staffing software can be programmed to ignore demographic information, meaning the software won’t take things like race, location, gender, or age into account at all.

Automates High-Volume Tasks

When you have hundreds of applicants for a particular role, it’s going to take a lot of time and effort to screen or pre-qualify those candidates. This is another area in which AI recruitment software can help.

High-volume tasks like screening and vetting take time. AI software can immediately get rid of the unqualified candidates, leaving you with a pool of qualified individuals to choose from. Other algorithms can instantly set up interviews with candidates, send screening questionnaires or aptitude tests, or inquire for more information. And these are just some of the many ways that AI software can take the pressure off of recruiters and automate some of those tasks that just take too much time away from what’s important.

Reduces Workflow Interruption

One of the frustrating parts of being a recruiter is having your workflow interrupted. Recruiting software can help alleviate this. By automating processes and turning some of the candidate communication over to AI software, you can experience fewer interruptions in your workday for a more efficient workflow.

AI chatbots are just one example of this. When you have a lot of applicants sending you questions through email or text, it can feel like you’ll never get anything done. When a chatbot takes care of answering those questions for you, you can get back to doing what’s most important. Sending out job alerts is another example; AI can make all of these processes automatic. All you have to do is set them up once and they work on their own.

Benefits of Using AI in Recruiting5 Benefits of AI Recruiting

It’s plain to see that AI has already changed the way recruiters do business, whether it’s automating processes or reducing unconscious bias during screening. But what about the specific benefits that staffing software solutions—such as employee onboarding software, for example—offer staffing companies and recruiters?

#1: Saves Time

As a recruiter, you always want to fill the slots as quickly as you can. Of course, you want to do that without sacrificing candidate quality for your client. AI software can help navigate this tricky line, because it saves recruiters time without resorting to lower-quality candidates. Automated processes mean recruiters spend far less time digging through resumes and screening applicants, and it moves candidates through the pipeline faster. That’s a win-win.

#2: Reduces Costs

Posting job applications, screening applicants, holding multiple rounds of interviews, setting up training… the hiring and onboarding process is a costly endeavor. Recruiting software solutions have the big benefit of being extremely cost-effective. It creates a more efficient hiring funnel and reduces the need to hire additional recruiters or interviewers. Plus, it helps you hire better employees for your clients, which reduces turnover and saves money on things like additional training.

#3: Streamlines Application Process for Candidates

The benefits of AI aren’t just for your staffing company and recruiters. They also extend to the applicants themselves. Recruitment software such as chatbots can guide candidates through the application and interview process. It can also guide the applicant on exactly what documentation and information they’ll need to apply. In this way, AI is making the process easier and more streamlined for candidates as well as recruiters.

#4: Improves Quality of Hire

At the core of all AI is data. In the recruiting world, this means data about candidates and their skill sets, their work history and experience, and everything else that makes a good candidate a good candidate. AI improves the quality of your recruiter’s hires because it removes any chance of human error in the process. You can rest assured you’re sourcing the very best candidates for the job, each and every time through the power of machine learning.

#5: Increases Communication with Candidates

Whether it’s chatbots, interview reminders sent through email or text, job alerts, or other electronic communication, candidate communication is increased when AI recruiting software comes into play. Rather than having to worry about staying in touch with dozens upon dozens of candidates all on your own, AI software makes it simple. That means more effective and frequent communication with your candidates, which always increases hiring rates.

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